About us

We're all about family multi-tasking!

It seems as a parent, you're always looking for ways to accomplish 5 things at once. The goal with our Play Mat Shirts is to provide a way to accomplish play time for your kids and relaxation for yourself all at the same time!

One day, my then 16 month-old was wheeling her wooden train on my back, and I thought 'Wow! that feels good!' I wrote an email to an artistic friend saying he should design a shirt with roads printed on the back so kids could give their parents back massages while they play. So he did! He gave careful thought to which features to include and which colors to incorporate, all to entice your little one to have fun while giving you a massage.

Our hope now, is that you run with the idea and come up with many more ways to have fun with your kids!

bky kid crew

Our Team

Communications and Shipping
Accounting and Inventory
Tee Designer and Listings
Lil' 1
Massage Shirt Diva
Lil' 2
Stain Test Engineer

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